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Insulin/IGF-dependent Wnt signaling promotes formation of germline tumors and other developmental abnormalities following early-life starvation in Caenorhabditis elegans. Nathan C. Shaul, James M. Jordan, Ivan B. Falsztyn, L. Ryan Baugh*. Genetics 2022 November.

Early-life starvation alters lipid metabolism in adults to cause developmental pathology in Caenorhabditis elegans. James M. Jordan, Amy K. Webster, Jingxian Chen, Rojin Chitrakar, and L. Ryan Baugh*. Genetics 2022 November.

Alternative somatic and germline gene-regulatory strategies during starvation-induced developmental arrest. Amy K. Webster, Rojin Chitrakar, Seth M. Taylor, and L. Ryan Baugh*. Cell Reports 2022 October.
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Using population selection and sequencing to characterize natural variation of starvation resistance in C. elegans. Amy K. Webster, Rojin Chitrakar, Maya Powell, Jingxian Chen, Kinsey Fisher, Robyn E. Tanny, Lewis Stevens, Kathryn Evans, Angela Wei, Igor Antoshechkin, Erik C. Andersen, and L. Ryan Baugh*. eLife 2022 June.

Genetic analysis of daf-18/PTEN missense mutants for starvation resistance and developmental regulation during Caenorhabditis elegans L1 arrest. Jingxian Chen, Linda Y. Tang, Maya E. Powell, James M. Jordan, and L. Ryan Baugh*. G3 2022 April.

Intergenerational adaptations to stress are evolutionarily conserved, stress-specific, and have deleterious trade-offs. Nicholas O Burton*, Alexandra Willis, Kinsey Fisher, Fabian Braukmann, Jonathan Price, Lewis Stevens, L. Ryan Baugh, Aaron W Reinke, Eric A Miska. eLife 2021 October.

DAF-18/PTEN inhibits germline zygotic gene activation during primordial germ cell quiescence. Amanda L. Fry, Amy K. Webster, Julia Burnett, Rojin Chitrakar, L. Ryan Baugh, E. Jane Albert Hubbard*. PLoS Genetics 2021 July.

Liquid-culture protocols for synchronous starvation, growth, dauer formation, and dietary restriction of C. elegans.  Jonathan D. Hibshman, Amy K. Webster, and L. Ryan Baugh*. Star Protocols 2021 January.

Starvation responses throughout the Caenorhabditis elegans life cycle. L. Ryan Baugh* and Patrick Hu. Genetics 2020 December.

Nongenetic inheritance and multigenerational plasticity in the nematode C. elegans. L. Ryan Baugh* and Troy Day*. eLife 2020 August.

Population selection and sequencing of C. elegans wild isolates identifies a region on chromosome III affecting starvation resistance. Amy K. Webster, Anthony Hung, Brad T. Moore, Ryan Guzman, James M. Jordan, Rebecca E. W. Kaplan, Jonathan D. Hibshman, Robyn E. Tanny, Daniel E. Cook, Erik Andersen, L. Ryan Baugh*. G3 2019 October.

Insulin/IGF signaling and vitellogenin provisioning mediate intergenerational adaptation to nutrient stress. James M. Jordan, Jonathan D. Hibshman, Amy K. Webster, Rebecca E. W. Kaplan, Abigail Leinroth, Ryan Guzman, Colin S. Maxwell, Rojin Chitrakar, Elizabeth Anne Bowman, Amanda L. Fry, E. Jane Albert Hubbard and L. Ryan Baugh*. Current Biology 2019 July.
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Pervasive postive and negative feedback regulation of insulin-like signaling Caenorhabditis elegans. Rebecca E. W. Kaplan¶, Colin S. Maxwell¶, Nicole Kurhanewicz Codd, and L. Ryan Baugh*. GENETICS 2019 January.
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Neurohormonal signaling via a sulfotransferase antagonizes inslulin-like signaling to regulate a Caenorhabditis elegans stress response. Nicholas O. Burton*, Vivek K. Dwivedi, Kirk B. Burkhart, Rebecca E. W. Kaplan, L. Ryan Baugh, and H. Robert Horvitz*. Nat Commun 2018 December.

Nonselective autophagy reduces mitochondrial content during starvation in Caenorhabditis elegansJonathan D. Hibshman, Tess C. Leuthner, Chelsea Shoben, Danielle F. Mello, David R. Sherwood, Joel N. Meyer, and L. Ryan Baugh*. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 2018 December.

Food perception without ingestion leads to metabolic changes and irreversible developmental arrest in C. C. elegans. Rebecca E. W. Kaplan, Amy K. Webster, Rojin Chitrakar, Joseph A. Dent, and L. Ryan Baugh*. BMC Biology 2018 October.

Transgenerational effects of extended dauer diapause on starvation survival and gene expression plasticity in Caenorhabditis elegans. Amy K. Webster, James M. Jordan, Jonathan D. Hibshman, Rojin Chitrakar and L. Ryan Baugh*. GENETICS 2018 July 26.
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daf-16/FoxO promotes gluconeogenesis and trehalose synthesis during starvation to support survival. Jonathan D. Hibshman, Alexander E. Doan, Brad T. Moore, Rebecca E.W. Kaplan, Anthony Hung, Amy K. Webster, Dhaval P. Bhatt, Rojin Chitrakar. Matthew D. Hirschey, L. Ryan Baugh*. eLife 2017 October 24.

Genome architecture and evolution of a unichromosomal asexual nematode. Hélène Fradin, Karin Kiontke, Charles Zegar, Michelle Gutwein, Jessica Lucas, Mikhail Kovtun, David Corcoran, L. Ryan Baugh, David H. Fitch*, Fabio Piano* and Kris Gunsalus*. Current Biology 2017 October 9.

Insulin-like signaling to the maternal germline controls progeny response to osmotic stress. Nicholas O. Burton, Tokiko Furuta, Amy K. Webster, Rebecca E. W. Kaplan, L. Ryan Baugh, Swathi Arur and H. Robert Horvitz*. Nat Cell Biol 2017 February 6.

Maternal diet and insulin-like signaling control intergenerational plasticity of progeny size and starvation resistance. Jon D. Hibshman, Anthony Hung and L. Ryan Baugh*. PLoS Genetics 2016 October 26.

L1 arrest, daf-16/FoxO and nonautonomous control of post-embryonic development. Rebecca E. W. Kaplan and L. Ryan Baugh*. Worm 2016 April 6.

dbl-1/TGF-β and daf-12/NHR signaling mediate cell-nonautonomous effects of daf-16/FOXO on starvation-induced developmental arrest. Rebecca E. W. Kaplan§, Yutao Chen§, Brad T. Moore, James M. Jordan, Colin S. Maxwell, Adam J. Schindler, and L. Ryan Baugh*. PLoS Genetics 2015 December 11.

Transgenerational effects of early life starvation on growth, reproduction and stress resistance in C. elegans. Meghan A. Jobson§, James M. Jordan§, Moses A. Sandrof, Jonathan D. Hibshman, Ashley L. Lennox and L. Ryan Baugh*. GENETICS 2015 July 16.
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ins-4 and daf-28 function redundantly to regulate C. elegans L1 arrest. Yutao Chen and L. Ryan Baugh*. Developmental Biology 2014 August 14.

Identification of late larval stage developmental checkpoints in Caenorhabditis elegans regulated by insulin/IGF and steroid hormone signaling pathways. Adam J. Schindler, L. Ryan Baugh and David R. Sherwood*. PLoS Genetics 2014 June 19.
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Pol II docking and pausing at growth and stress genes in C. elegans. Colin S. Maxwell, William S. Kruesi, Leighton J. Core, Nicole Kurhanewicz, Colin T. Waters, Caitlin L. Lewarch, Igor Antoshechkin, John T. Lis, Barbara J. Meyer, and L. Ryan Baugh*. Cell Reports 2014 Feb 13.
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To grow or not to grow: Nutritional control of development during Caenorhabditis elegans L1 arrest. Baugh LR. Genetics 2013 July.

Succinylated octopamine ascarosides and a new pathway of biogenic amine metabolism in C. elegansAlexander B. Artyukhin, Joshua J.Yim, JaganSrinivasan, Yevgeniy Izrayelit, Neelanjan Bose, Stephan H. von Reuss, Yeara Jo, James M. Jordan, L. Ryan Baugh, Micheong Cheong, Paul W. Sternberg, Leon Avery, and Frank C. Schroeder*. J. of Biol. Chem. 2013 June 28.

WormSizer: High-throughput analysis of nematode size and shape. Moore BT, Jordan JM, Baugh LR*. PLOS ONE 2013 Feb 22.

Nutritional control of mRNA isoform expression during developmental arrest and recovery in C. elegans. Maxwell C, Antoshechkin I, Kurhanewicz N, Belsky J, Baugh LR*. Genome Research 2012 Apr 26. [Epub ahead of print]

Sensitive and precise quantification of insulin-like mRNA expression in Caenorhabditis elegans. L. Ryan Baugh*, Nicole Kurhanewicz and Paul W. Sternberg. PLoS ONE 2011 March 22.

Staging worms for next-generation analysis L. Ryan Baugh. Nat. Methods. 2009 October, 6(10): 725-726.


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Metazoan Operons Accelerate Recovery from Growth-Arrested States Alon Zaslaver, L. Ryan Baugh, Paul W. Sternberg. Cell 2011 June 10.

RNA Pol II Accumulates at Promoters of Growth Genes During Developmental Arrest. L. Ryan Baugh, John Demodena, Paul W. Sternberg. Science. 2009 Feb 26. [Epub ahead of print].

DAF-16/FOXO Regulates Transcription of cki-1/Cip/Kip and Repression of lin-4 during C. elegans L1 Arrest. L. Ryan Baugh and Paul W. Sternberg. Current Biology. 2006 April, 16(8): 780-785.


Ryan’s thesis work

Pairing of competitive and topologically distinct regulatory modules enhances patterned gene expression. Itai Yanai*, L. Ryan Baugh*, Jessica J. Smith, Casey Roehrig, Shai S. Shen-Orr, Julia M. Claggett, Andrew A. Hill, Donna K. Slonim, Eugene L. Brown and Craig P. Hunter. Molecular Systems Biology. 2008 February, 4:163.

MyoD, Modularity, and Myogenesis: conservation of regulators and redundancy in C. elegans. L. Ryan Baugh and Craig P. Hunter. Genes & Development. 2006 Dec; 20: 3342-3346.

Synthetic Lethal Analysis of C. elegans Posterior Patterning Genes Identifies Conserved Genetic Interactions. L. Ryan Baugh, Joanne C. Wen, Andrew A. Hill, Donna K. Slonim, Eugene L. Brown and Craig P. Hunter.Genome Biology. 2005 April, 6(5): R45.

The Homeodomain Protein PAL-1 Specifies a Lineage-Specific Regulatory Network in the C. elegans Embryo. L. Ryan Baugh, Andrew A. Hill, Julia M. Clagget, Kate Hill-Harfe, Joanne C. Wen, Donna K. Slonim, Eugene L. Brown, and Craig P. Hunter. Development. 2005 April, 132(8): 1843-1854.

Composition and Dynamics of the C. elegans Early Embryonic Transcriptome. L. Ryan Baugh, Andrew A. Hill, Donna K. Slonim, Eugene L. Brown, and Craig P. Hunter. Development. 2003 Mar; 130(5): 889-900.

Quantitative Analysis of mRNA Amplification by in vitro Transcription.
L. R. Baugh, A. A. Hill, E. L. Brown, and Craig P. Hunter. Nucleic Acids Res. 2001 Mar 1; 29(5) E29.